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Nanoproject is an innovative company highly specialized in the development and use of Nanotechnologies. These particles give important characteristics and new properties to superficially treated materials as well as product and process improvements.

The company, through patents and proprietary technologies, constantly implements new applications in various fields, such as industrial, civil, automotive, naval, commercial, and construction one.

R&D is carried out through close collaboration with universities and research institutes around the world, which allow us to test the effectiveness of our products. The added value of the company is further enhanced by a dynamic and knowledgeable team with high experience in the sector.

The world changes and faces new challenges: these new technologies allow us to keep up with the times, greatly improving the products to which the new generation materials are binded.


The first sector affected by the innovative nanotechnological compounds was the LIGHTING one:
photocatalytic coatings applied to the screens of special LED lamps for the air purification in closed environments.


Nowadays, the use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is a cutting-edge solution; as compared to it, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs look obsolete, bound to disappear. What we are living now is a transitional phase from past to future – LED devices are about to become the standard reference thanks to their intrinsic characteristics, able to ensure extraordinary performance of energy saving and durability.

When the wind of change blows, you need to be ready to feel it. Nanoproject have foreseen such potential and invested in research for years now in order to make the most of this technology. We have developed products even beyond ordinary standard quality. Such a result can only be achieved through absolute commitment, extreme attention in all production phases, and a fine selection of components.

This is why today Nanoproject can offer pioneer industrial and commercial world lighting solutions combined with a patented air purification system allowing lower consumption, higher quality, and greater light beam efficiency, boasting very long durability and almost no need for maintenance at all. Choosing our solutions means making a viable decision for environment, which triggers a virtuous economic cycle.


  • Corporate vision

    Environmental sustainability is one of the main pillars of Nanoproject. We have chosen to be proactive by manufacturing products which are eco-friendly by their very nature, in order to reduce CO2 emissions. LED technology is still seen as a future generation solution to protect environment and have a considerable energy saving compared to old incandescent bulbs; however, it is about to become the unavoidable, standard line.

    Aware of this imperative, Nanoproject has worked to design quality products. Although this term has been overused for a while now, "quality" should mean accurately selected components for a final product which has been monitored through the production phase, as in the best "Made in Italy" tradition. We want to guarantee duration and efficiency, as our LEDs result from engineer studies which make them miles ahead compared to the ordinary retail standards.

  • Research & Development

    The only way to design high quality products covered with full guarantee is to analyze device performances according to their specific application.

    Experiencing has always been our philosophy. The materials used for our light sources are continuously enhanced through active research of new lighting technology solutions. Why so? Because we want our lighting equipment to give sensations of pure comfort and pleasure, illuminating the different settings in a safe and effective way.

    It is an ongoing research, guided by the same question coming back over and over: “how can we further reduce environmental impact?”. This is why we are currently developing control systems aimed at managing consumption through sensors detecting human presence and calculating the real demand for lighting.

    We engage accredited external laboratories to monitor progresses, compare results, and question our conclusions. This external, undoubtedly more objective vision allows us to go beyond our limits to be among the best positioned on the market.

  • Characteristics & Components

    Nanoproject products are manufactured from the engineering expertise of our qualified staff. Steel, aluminum, heat dissipation equipment, circuits,... all the components of our LED lamps are produced on site for us to have a better control on them and enhance performances and durability through specific design.
    To-date, the expression "induced obsolescence" has become increasingly common: it describes an industrial strategy used to provide products with a very defined life cycle in order to encourage repurchasing and incentivize consumption. Nanoproject firmly rejects such an attitude, as our work has always been directed towards producing indestructible lamps in a systematic way, so to cover them with 5 to 10 year guarantee. Such "made to measure" products are manufactured taking into consideration the needs of our customers, but also environment, standards and of course "feasibility". Customization is possible thanks to our lab where LED light distribution curbs are analyzed and inserted in the calculations on which the project for the final customer is based.

  • Services & Installation


    Providing the highest visual comfort, efficiency, and safety in working environments means providing a lighting system designed according to the standards in force with total respect for operators.

    With a view to offering a complete service to our customers, Nanoproject set up an internal laboratory equipped with cutting-edge instruments and software (spectrophotometers, photogoniometer, test system Seaward, lighting software). An internal team of professionals is in charge of the inspections, surveys, and lighting calculations necessary to conceive tailor-made projects and choose the most suitable Nanoproject LED products for every single customer.


    Our Customer Care office provides our customers information on the order progress and delivery dates.

    Our products are shipped daily by special carriers.


    We are also available for installation of the lamps bought through our selected partners, upon consultation on the specific area.

  • Nanoproject Product Quality

    Nanoproject products stem from a practical work of design and development on the field in order to meet the most diverse needs, with particular attention to installation issues in INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL environments.

    Every aspect is accurately analyzed to propose solutions which are no compromise at all – we work to give the best technical response ever as for illuminance, durability, consumption.

    Our LEDs are produced only by the best manufacturers guaranteeing an unquestionable level of quality.

    Similarly, our suppliers are selected upstream, giving absolute priority to production quality.

    In our lamps, LEDs are operated at current values which are lower than the maximum values reported on the manufacturer plate. It may sound obvious, but the trend is to “pump up” LED power to reduce the number of elements and show a fleeting cost reduction – unfortunately, the only possible result is a slight shorter life and an exponentially higher number of malfunctions of the devices.

    Heat dissipation is another crucial element ensuring LED correct functioning. Although they can “transform” almost 90 % of the power used in visible light, LEDs also generate heat to be eliminated. As a matter of fact, the lower the operating temperature, the longer their life.

    Nanoproject decided to oversize heat sinks to ensure that lighting fixtures always keep LED temperature in absolute safety, even in the extreme conditions usually found in industrial premises (dust, suspended oils, high environmental temperatures). In addition, some fixtures are built so that the heat sink is embedded in the lamp body, which allows the sink to be fully in contact with external atmosphere, thereby guaranteeing the maximum heat exchange possible.

  • Standards

    CE Marking
    It is a conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area. The products bearing such marking meet the requirements established by the applicable European Directives.

    General Safety Product Directive (2001/95/CE)
    It imposes the general safety requirements to each product entering the EU market, in addition to the obligation to provide consumers with information concerning the assessment of risks linked with the use of such products whenever they might not be immediately perceived, in order to protect consumers’ health and safety. Moreover, it imposes the obligation to provide customers with clear and complete information, including instructions on the use and any safety precautions.

    Low Voltage Directive LVD (2014/35/EU) and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EMC (2014/30/EU)
    Lighting fixture manufacturers must ensure and state that their products comply with all provisions established by the Directives applicable to mains powered products. All detailed documents of the products shall be collected into a technical file and, based on tests performed in accordance with the reference standard, special declarations of conformity are released for such products, provided that they were considered apt to be CE marked.

    Restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances Directive RoHS (2011/65/EU) and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
    Directives regulate the restriction of use of hazardous substances and the methods of disposal of EEE.

    Eco Design and Energy Labeling Directive (2009/125/CE and 2010/30/CE)
    It provides for a product labeling system apt to give evidence of energy efficiency, with stress on energy class, lighting features, consumption and lifetime expressed in hours.


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