The benefits of air purification by photocatalysis

Energy efficiency and durability

The use of PAL products using LED technology allows to achieve important and significant savings in power consumption compared to traditional lighting systems. The electric power consumption can be reduced between 60 and 90% with a consequent reduction of related costs.

Thank to long-life lamps (more than 70,000 hours) it is also possible to achieve significant savings on replacement and maintenance costs of traditional systems.

Antibacterial and antiviral effects

PAL allows the elimination of many types of viruses and many bacteria, like Gram – type (E. Coli) and Gram + (such as Staphylococcus aureus that can lead to food poisoning). Tests conducted in specialized laboratories show reductions ranging between 98 and 99% of the bacterial population.

Smell Elimination

PAL also eliminates many of the unpleasant odors caused by bacteria or odorant molecules dissolved in the air (therefore a “chemical sense”) from daily activities and people presence.

Air pollution elimination (VOCs)

PAL also eliminates organic substances dissolved in the air. Tests conducted on mixtures composed of VOC (up to 14 different components) evidence the fact that, after only 120 minutes, organic elimination reaches 90% of the total.




Very often we are fooled into thinking that, within our house’s walls, in our office, in our children’s schools, gyms, swimming pools and all those closed places we usually attend, we are immune to the problem of polluted air, like we were in a bubble, but we are not.

Not only is not true, but to indoor pollution are recognized serious health effects: as a matter of fact, the daily and prolonged exposure to a polluted and unhealthy environment causes a series of health problems such as allergies and dermatitis, headaches, fatigue, asthenia and many of the respiration diseases; all these health problems linked to indoor pollution are known, in their entirety, as SBS (from the acronym Sick Building Syndrome).

Indoor air pollution is caused by the presence of physical and biological chemical contaminants in closed and confined environments that lead to deterioration of air’s quality inside our homes, offices, schools, kindergartens and public places in general.



The benefits of photocatalytic lamps

01 HEALTH - a more salubrious air and therefore free from micro-organisms and toxic substances improves the quality of life in those confined spaces where we usually spend most of our time;

02 SAVINGS - while using the lamps the production cycle is not interrupted and intervention of dedicated staff is not needed;

03 EFFECTIVENESS - proven effectiveness in terms of pollution and antibacterial. Indeed, the constant purifying activity, with light on, turns out to be more effective than any other substance used for this purpose;

04 SUSTAINABILITY - low energy consumption of our LED lamps allows a huge respect for nature;

05 QUICKNESS - It’s been established that PAL immediately shows its action, getting to eliminate more than 90% of viruses, bacteria and other toxic organic substances in the environment in just 120 minutes;

06 DURATION - The photocatalytic reaction does not consume the photocatalyst, so there is no need to replace it. Led lamps are guaranteed for more than 70,000 hours of lifetime.


Antibacterial Effects

Antibacterial Effects

PAL's photocatalytic nanomaterials controls many kinds of bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, which can lead to food poisoning, and E. coli, the cause of O157.

See tests results

Antiviral Effects

Antiviral Effects

PAL's photocatalytic nanomaterials antiviral effect has been verified with the avian influenza virus (H9N2 subtype).

See tests results

Deodorizing Effect

Deodorizing Effect

PAL's photocatalytic nanomaterials removes the smells of onions, rotten fish, cigarette smoke, and other unpleasant odors from daily activities.

See tests results

Decomposition of Indoor Air Pollutants and Gases

Decomposition of Indoor Air Pollutants and Gases

PAL's photocatalytic nanomaterials decomposes indoor air pollutants and gases from building materials, furniture, and fixtures.

See tests results

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